Revenge Travel on a Budget: Tips for Planning a Post-Pandemic Getaway

Revenge Travel on a Budget: Tips for Planning a Post-Pandemic Getaway

2023 is seeing record vacation numbers, both in America and across the world.

The post-Covid trend back towards vacationing is collectively known as "revenge travel". Those couple of years that had us all stationary are now in the rearview mirror and post-pandemic travel is booming.

If you're thinking about going on vacation in 2023 or 2024, you may be wondering how to navigate the world of revenge travel. In this post, we're going to give you a few crucial tips for enjoying a post-pandemic getaway.

With so much demand for travel, it can be tricky to book affordable and timely trips. Keep reading and we'll help you travel on a budget when it suits you.

Keep It Low Stress

Post-pandemic travel should be low-stress. If you decide to spend thousands of dollars on a single vacation, you're going to be a tightly wound ball of stress should anything not go according to plan.

Our recommendation is to book somewhere domestic and leave international travel for a fully planned vacation. Revenge travel is all about going for a short trip on a whim and enjoying every second of it. There are plenty of beautiful destinations here in the US that you can visit for 3-5 days and keep costs at a minimum.

Flexible Travel Arrangements

Anytime you make travel plans, you should be booking flexible flights and accommodations. With revenge travel, you're not putting a massive amount of time and effort into getting the trip booked or letting family and friends know where you'll be and for how long.

Instead, you're booking a quick trip away and not overthinking it. That's where you can easily run into trouble with work or family emergencies. It's important to be able to drop the vacation when something more important comes up.

Find Short-Term Stays

Spending hundreds of dollars per night in a hotel with a couple of beds and a microwave is no wise way to use your money. Instead, focus your accommodation search on short-term stays that give you the right amenities.

There are countless benefits to booking your accommodation through one of the many vacation rental websites. You'll basically have a home away from home, complete with a kitchen and comfortable lounge areas that you'll never find in a hotel.

Pre-Plan Activities

To take part in revenge travel is to travel for the sake of traveling. You don't want to overplan your vacation because there should be some level of spontaneity to it. At the same time, you don't want to go blind.

Pre-plan a few key activities while you're there. For example, in Park City, Utah, it's all about enjoying the outdoors. You can use apps like All Trails to find breathtaking hikes in the area or get skiing recommendations from your vacation rental host.

Taking Revenge Travel by Storm

As vacation numbers continue to rise, it's clear that the concept of revenge travel is here to stay. If you want to get away from home and enjoy all that the country has to offer, what better time than now to book your trip?

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